Implant Restorations

Custom Healing Abutments

Omni Dental has pioneered custom healing abutments that double as scan bodies for post integration scanning. Using your planned implant position we design a healing abutment completely customized to the biological and aesthetic goals using an anti rotational.

Omni offers the latest options for single or bridge implant restorations including angle screw channels for all fixtures. Depending on the requirements of the restorations we will either produce abutments over titanium bases such as Straumann’s “Variobase”.

Although where there are excessive forces or the implant restoration needs extra height our go to solution is to manufacture a custom abutment using a “pre milled” solution. We then design and machine secondary structure in zirconia with a screw access hole and cement these two portions together in the laboratory.

Angled Screw Channel (ASC)

Using our machining know how we are able to angle screw channels to the required position to provide retrievability to the prosthesis.

We recommend the use of Panthera Dental’s ASC Driver to cover all major implant screw options.

For a complete compatibility list click here.

We are able to machine 90 percent of our implant restorations in house which means the restoration turn around time is greatly reduced.

All abutments are available in either Zirconia or Porcelain fused to metal.

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