Full Arch Restorations

Omni is leading the way

With hundreds or full arch cases successfully completed Omni is leading the way in digital full arch prosthetics​.

Through our understanding of advanced prosthetic treatments, coupled with our in depth knowledge and experience with CAD/CAM we have been able to create and deliver products that are unmatched Australia wide.

At Omni we are proud to assist in all aspects of the clinical and surgical planning as well as creating the provisional and final prosthesis.

Using 3D smile Design, we are able to give the patient an ultra-realistic conceptualisation of how their final restorations will look. Through this we are able to produce an ideal base to start planning for placement of implants and prosthetic options.

Through our implant planning service we are able to give the clinician and surgeon the best knowledge on where the implant should place safely while also accounting for the aesthetic outcomes of the prosthetics.

To see the timing and workflows for our full arch solutions click below.


Digital Full Arch

With the rise of photogrammetry in dental we can forget the days of splinting impressions in the hope the framework will fit.

Omni has completed more full arch cases using photogrammetry than anyone else in the world having beta tested this solution in September 2018.

3D Print on Titanium

The latest 3D print materials are proving that we can produce 3D printed immediate full arch cases in a short turn around that provide similar strength to a traditional tooth set up and flasked hybrid. (1-2 days)

Designing the bar and teeth in the same process gives our 3D printed aesthetic materials the necessary strength to establish aesthetics and function over a longer period of time that any other immediate temporary solution.


Acrylic on Titanium

This option can either by used as an immediate restorative option post implant placement (2 days) or as a definitive after the implants have integrated.

We manufacture using the latest PMMA material interlaced with Graphene. This material is designed to hug the titanium frame which is then pressed with Ivoclar Ivobase to encase the teeth and frame to provide the strongest acrylic hybrid restoration available.

Another benefit of this process is that should a restoration fail or refit in future the data can be retrieved to assist in the remanufacture of another acrylic hybrid or zirconia hybrid.

Zirconia on Titanium

Designing from a good foundation is they key with these cases. That’s why we only produce zirconia restorations after the patient has had at least 6 months with a long term provisional such as our 3D printed Hybrid

The process of design follows a similar pathway as our 3D printed option but instead of the aesthetics being printed, they are milled in strong, aesthetic zirconia.

We utilise proprietary software to ensure the joint between the zirconia and titanium is as invisible as possible.

All of our full arch restorations come with a commitment to you that any fractures will be warranted for the first:

  • 6 months on 3D Print/Titanium
  • 12 months on Acrylic/Titanium
  • 5 years on Zirconia/Titanium

Our Fees(link out to contact form) reflect a fixed cap treatment for 5 years. Each step or prosthetic choice may have a different initial fee, although if a subsequent final is produced in the same or different material the fee will always be capped in the first 5 years. Contact us for further information.

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