Aesthetic Makeovers

Aesthetic Smile makeover restorations require planning to achieve a perfect outcome. This planning can be established using digital tools with Omni.

These include:

Visual smile designs

These are used predominantly as an initial communication tool to discuss with the patient what outcomes are sought after.

Digital Smile Designs

Using the visual smile design or importing facial photos into our CAD software we are able to create a realistic understanding of what the final restorations will look like.

Using tools to measure margin heights, widths and occlusion we can provide a 3d printed wax up that couples with the visial smile design the further enhance communications to clearly identify what the outcome will be before any irreversible treatment has started.

Try in Mock-up

Provided the smile design is additive in nature it may help to request a try in mockup which will allow the clinician to duplicate the wax up in the patients mouth to assist with communication as well as a guide for the required preparation of the underlying teeth.

The importance of planning

The above aspects of anterior restorations are often neglected but can be the difference between inferior restorations and high quality restorations that your patient will love for years to come. Careful planning and minor adjustments at temporisation stage help us gather important information about contour, shade, shapes, surface texture and most importantly function.


Once these steps are taken the final ceramics restorations can be produced carefully following the instructions required to meet the expectations of the patient.

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