Meet Our Team


Lachlan Thompson


Lachlan Thompson leads strategic direction as well as development of products and services.

Lachlan graduated from the OHCWA (Oral Health Centre of Western Australia) with a Diploma of Dental Technology in 2008 after completing his 4 year apprenticeship at Omni Dental.

He has over 15 years’ experience in the dental industry and is passionate about the evolution of the Omni and the dental industry as digital technology becomes more widely adopted.

David Ryder

Customer Experience

David joined us in 2016.

David Ryder shares his wealth of knowledge with the team and our clients on a daily basis.

He completed his training in 1985 and ran his own laboratory, Technident between 1988 and 2012 working closely with the clinical team at Cottesloe Dental. In 2014 he joined Nobel Biocare as a technical sales representative where he gained insight into the needs of clinicians and technicians alike.

Laina Stagoll

Melbourne Head Technician

Laina Stagoll completed her training in 2015 at Impact Dental Ceramics (Formerly Brent Field Ceramics). She was lucky enough to work with some of the highest regarded prosthodontists in the country and has established herself as an extremely talented technician in her own right.

Laina manages Omni Melbourne and continues to push the boundaries of digital dentistry working with prosthodontists and general dentists based in Melbourne.

Client Services / Operations

Jordyn Bayley

Client Services Coordinator

Jordyn has been with Omni for over 3 years and is an integral part of the team.

Jordyn’s extensive experience with client management has made her a central component of the clinic – Laboratory communication link.

She has seen firsthand the transformation of the industry through the increase in digital cases submitted in the laboratory.

Paul Edwards

Operations Manager

Paul is new the Omni team and started in September 2020.

He has been bought in to help lead and shape the current business and operational processes. Paul will focus on streamlining and organising the core business foundations. Automation and integration of systems will be a key focus for him.

Paul has extensive experience in managing operations for big tech/app companies across Australia and Europe.

He will be an excellent addition to building the Omni brand.


Yoshi Miyaba

Yoshi has been at Omni since in 2016. He finished his training in Tokyo in 2002 and He came to Australia in 2015.

Graeme Nightingale

Graeme joined Omni in 2018. He completed his Bachelor of Dental Technology in 2006 at Durban university of technology.


Michael McDowell

Michael trained Brisbane, completing his training at Southbank Institute of Technology in 2002.

He has spent a large portion of his carrier in Melbourne working with two prominent prosthodontists working with all types of restorations.

Michael joined us in 2017 and is an integral part of Omni’s full arch prosthetics.

Brenton Noga

Brenton completed his training at OHCWA in 2009. He has worked in multiple labs previously specialising in removable prosthetics.

He joined Omni in 2019 to develop Omni’s digital full arch prosthetics.

Camelia Banciu

Camelia joined Omni in 2021 and is continuing her apprenticeship in our prosthetic area.


Alex Ashfield

Alex started his apprenticeship in 2018 with Omni assists in digital design as well as fabrication of frameworks and gold restorations.

Jocelyn Tan

Jocelyn started her apprenticeship in 2018 with Omni and Designs frameworks and restorations. She has a good understanding of digital technology.

Lily West

Lily Joined Omni in 2021 as an apprentice. She is responsible for CAD and Framework manufacturing.

Automated Manufacturing/Implant Planning

Cameron Thompson

Cameron started his apprenticeship in 2017 and looks after most of the digital manufacturing in the lab. He is also handles implant planning and guide manufacturing.

Plaster Technician

Alan Davies

Alan started his career as a dental technician in 1992 in the UK immigrating to Australia in 2008. He has been with Omni since then.

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